Ride-on Roots Scrub RB 750 Premium


Key Features

  • Multiple Operation Modes
  • ECO mode which reduces Brush RPM & noise level; thereby reducing battery discharge
  • Dual Mode – Simultaneously activate Scrubbing Brush & Squeegee
  • Extra Pressure – Additional Pressure to get rid of the stubborn soil – One touch Button.
  • Ergonomically designed – comfortable operator seat with back rest.
  • Detergent dosing through dedicated tank with electric flow control
  • Non marking antiskid rubber wheels with foot brake system – turning made easy.
  • Wide water pouring pot – easy to refill the fresh water tank both by hose and bucket.
  • Gradient up to 11% – climbing ramps is easy.
  • Collision protection, deflector rollers ensures protection to machine
  • Emergency stop push button , turns off the machine and eliminates accidents
  • Parking brakes for safe and secure operation.
  • Working lamp and head light.
  • Dead man switch , machine operates only in presence of driver in seat.

Perfect machines for Airports, Metro Rail Stations, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Hotels, Chain of Hypermarkets, Pharma, Warehouses & Industries as well.


The RB 650/750/850 Premium machines are built with features that help faster and better cleaning. Loaded with features like simple soft touch functions, Premium machines offer utmost convenience to the operator, thereby ensuring improved performance. The machine is much easy to operate and helps in enhancing the facility’s image through excellent cleaning result every time.