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When it comes to technology and equipment that can clean in a sustainable and efficient manner, DUROMAC leads the way.

We know there’s a better way to create smart and efficient solutions. That’s why, through committed partnerships and reliable equipment, we’re continually setting new industry standards: Like engineering electrified vehicles that produce low emissions, or by making sure we deliver the service you need. It means allowing our customers to run a profitable business while creating a better future and more sustainable world for everyone.

City Cleaning & Waste Management​

Spring, summer, autumn and winter: For each season, DUROMAC offers machines for different seasonal requirements that meet the highest demands in terms of sweeping, green area maintenance, winter service or waste management in the public sector. Equipped with special attachments, these efficient and robust multifunctional machines can be used for a wide range of applications. By applying the principle of consistent multifunctionality when developing our work- and transport machines, we ensure increased economic efficiency and reduced investment costs while giving top priority to safety, comfort, efficient working and environmental protection.


Hygiene requirements in the healthcare sector are particularly high, while space and time are scarce commodities given the hectic work routine in hospitals. DUROMAC meets these requirements by offering compact, highly manoeuvrable and low-noise machines that provide superior cleaning of surgeries, hospital rooms, sanitary facilities, hallways and kitchens, without interrupting clinical operations. In addition, Duromac offers efficient solutions for work that needs carrying out in the outdoor areas of clinics and hospitals. Economically efficient working – ensured by a superior cleaning performance, highly maneuverable machines, and excellent quality “made in Germany” – always enjoys top priority.

Cleaning Contractor & Facility Management

The demands posed on Cleaning- and Municipal Technology products by facility management companies and contract cleaners are constantly on the increase. Service providers are expected to continuously boost their performance without making compromises in terms of quality, while being under the constant pressure of time and cost restraints. This applies, in particular, to in- and outdoor cleaning tasks of any size. DUROMAC has the ideal machines for every application in its portfolio, for both municipalities and privately-owned companies. This ensures sustainable and economically efficient working at all times – with maximum flexibility, efficiency and comfort.


In the hotel and catering industry, extremely high demands are placed on hygiene and cleanliness in highly-frequented areas, while at the same time a growing environmental awareness among guests has to be taken into consideration. DUROMAC fulfils your customers’ wish for “convincing hospitality“: with safe, efficient and environmentally friendly machines. Compact, low-noise and manoeuvrable solutions providing easy and economically efficient operation are available for indoor areas – using as little cleaning chemicals as possible. The machines’ superior cleaning performance allows fast and efficient cleaning even of large in- and outdoor areas.  Cleanliness and value retention: from the car park and the lobby to common rooms and hygiene-sensitive areas.

Industry & Commerce

The challenges for industrial and commercial enterprise lie, on the one hand, in tackling heavy every-day soiling, and, on the other hand, in not interfering with closely timed production processes. DUROMAC offers the perfect solution for every branch of industry – from mechanical engineering to the chemical or food-processing industry. DUROMAC’s robust machines meet the highest demands in terms of durability and economic efficiency by providing dust-free and time-saving cleaning of small, medium-sized and large areas. Maintenance work can be carried out quickly and easily to ensure safe and trouble-free work cycles.

Public Institutions

Public facilities require maximum cleanliness. This applies, in particular, to public areas where people meet and gather: e.g. schools and other educational institutions, sports facilities, swimming pools, but also, of course, town halls and public authority buildings. Hako’s machines provide comfortable and economically efficient working while meeting individual cleaning requirements: e.g. low-noise working in offices and hallways, high levels of manoeuvrability for working in confined areas, and particularly powerful solutions allowing fast and efficient cleaning of large areas.

Shopping Complex

The customer is king! In the retail trade, positive customer experience and immaculately clean sales rooms are of utmost importance. DUROMAC offers suitable machines for every application – from the entrance to the parking garage to the shopping area – and, of course, hygiene-sensitive areas such as deli- and meat counters. Particularly compact and low-noise machines are available to meet special requirements. These can be used during opening hours without disturbing the shopping experience for customers. DUROMAC offers the perfect solution for every cleaning requirement – with comfortable and economically efficient machines.


Wherever goods are stored, transported or produced, dirt is unavoidable: e.g. cardboard- steel- and wood residue or marks on the floor caused by vehicle traffic. DUROMAC’s machines – from scrubber-driers and vacuum sweepers to wet & dry vacuum cleaners – provide comfortable and economically efficient cleaning. We can offer the perfect solution for every requirement because at DUROMAC we always develop our products with particular applications in mind. For example compact machines for use in narrow corridors or efficient solutions providing a particularly high cleaning performance for use in large areas. In addition, Hako offers superior solutions for outdoor applications: from cleaning large areas with ride-on machines to carrying out more detailed cleaning tasks with walk-behind vacuum sweepers.

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