Ride-on Sweeper Sweepmaster 900 R


Key Features

  • Efficient sweeping close to edges with up to two side brooms
  • Clean exhaust air thanks to Hako’s patented R²S filter-cleaning technology
  • Heavy-Duty design for tough continuous operation
  • Particularly maintenance-friendly thanks to the clear layout of and easy access to the engine compartment
  • Electric drive system for indoor use or powerful petrol engines for outdoor applications.


Cost-effective and efficient: The Sweepmaster 900 R provides professional sweeping results at all times. This ride-on vacuum sweeper is particularly manoeuvrable. This, in combination with its high sweeping performance of up to 7,200 m²/h, makes this Sweepmaster the ideal solution for cleaning medium-sized areas. Thanks to its heavy-duty design, this machine is particularly robust and suited for tough continuous operation. The operating concept is very simple – to ensure safe handling by any operator.

Superior sweeping results and clean exhaust air

The Sweepmaster 900 R can be equipped with up to two side brooms to ensure efficient sweeping close to edges. The brooms do the groundwork for the large sweeping cylinder, which then collects the dirt and moves it into the dirt hopper. The powerful suction fan ensures constantly clean exhaust air – thanks to both the plate filter providing a separation efficiency of over 99% and Hako’s patented R²S filter-cleaning technology.

Battery or petrol: excellent drive systems, optimised for in- or outdoor use

With our ride-on vacuum sweeper Sweepmaster 980 R, you can choose between an electric drive system for emission-free indoor use (Sweepmaster B900 R) and powerful yet smooth-running petrol engines (Sweepmaster P900 R) for outdoor applications. This machine can work for up to 4.5 hours without interruption and has a climbing ability of up to 12 %, depending on the model. This ensures sufficient power reserves for cleaning access ramps and driveways, e.g. in multi-storey car parks.