MaxPowa V65e


Key Features

  • 5 m³ hopper capacity
  • 1554 liter water tank
  • 3260 mm wheelbase
  • Wireless discharge control
  • Up to 6000 kg payload
  • Transit range of up to 200 km


100% electric truck mounted sweeper.

High Performance

Matching battery capacity and power to allow an IC engine sweeper performance is the goal and this is achieved with a large 200 kWh battery pack mounted behind the chassis cab. The lithium ion phosphate battery provides 2000 full charging cycles and an on-board battery management system constantly monitors and maintains the temperature and health of all battery cells, balancing them without the need for liquid cooling.


The MaxPowa V65e is fitted with two 22 kW on-board chargers giving a charge capacity of 44 kW with fastest possible charging time of 4-5 hours. An optional 3-phase 5 pin charging cable is available in either 32A or 63A, and the sweeper can be charged from various standard 415V AC 3-Phase industrial sockets. The AC charging connector is a Type 2, capable of charging from any supply, such as  motorway services or street side chargers.

  • 63A 3 Phase 5 Pin Cable / 44kW charging 10-100%   Charge Time: 4-5 hours
  • 32A 3 Phase 5 Pin Cable / 22kW charging 10-100%   Charge Time: 8-9 hours

Low Environmental Impact

Producing zero tailpipe emissions and low noise makes the MaxPowa V65e ideal for municipal sweeping and with a driving range of 200 km on a single charge means that it operates at less than 1 kWh per kilometre.

Low Water Usage

The V Range uses as standard yellow mist atomizing jets to reduce water usage by 20%, or red nozzle jets with higher flow are available for heavier applications. The optional water recirculation system can save up to 900 litres of water per day extending the on-station time and reducing the risk of dust going through the fan.