Glutton Vacuum Cleaner


Key Features

  • Glutton® is designed to clean your public spaces.
  • It enhances your town’s quality of life and attractiveness. The machine is easy to use, compact, 100% electric and self-propelled.


The Glutton® waste vacuum cleaner collects and removes everything in its path: paper, cardboard, cigarette packets and ends, cans, and bottles made of glass, plastic or metal, dog waste, dead leaves, rubbish trapped in tree grilles, wood/steel/aluminum shavings, etc.

The Glutton® can easily cope with the ground of all kinds: cobblestones, concrete, kerbs, slopes, tiles, grass, etc.

The Glutton® opens up access to every corner of town: pavements, streets, alleyways, parks, tree grilles, under benches, bridges, markets, factories, workshops, car parks, halls, docks, stations, airports, industrial sites, campsites, schools, hospitals, etc.