Ride-on Sweeper Powerboss 9X


Key Features

  • Agricultural Grade Steel Construction
  • Kubota Tier IV – LP, Gasoline or Diesel Engine
  • 1,500 lb. Full Rotating Hopper
  • Full-Service 180-degree Swing-Out Engine
  • Weatherproof Hydraulic Controls
  • No Tools Change Brushes and Filters
  • 80” Sweeping Width (dual side brushes)
  • 48” Main Sweeping Broom
  • Variable Hopper Empty Height up to 60”
  • 22 ft3 Hopper Capacity
  • RTR – Full Use Hopper
  • Dual Synthetic Panel Filters
  • Aggressive Twin Filter Shaker Motors
  • Oversized Curb Climbing Tires
  • Industry Leading Warranty
  • Common options include: Fully Enclosed Cab with Heat/AC, Overhead Guard, Safety Lights and Back-Up Alarm, HEPA, MERV


The PowerBoss 9x offers durable, unmatched sweeping performance and superior Kubota Tier IV – LPG, Gasoline and Diesel engine reliability. The all-steel agricultural grade frame/exterior ensures the 9x is built to withstand the most severe applications. Simple, all-hydraulic controls and no tools needed brushes/filters, make the 9x easy to operate and maintain. Unmatched cleaning performance includes a sweeping width from 48” to 80” and hopper volume capacity of 22 ft3/1,500 lbs.

The 9x offers performance boosting “RTR”. This feature allows collected debris (while in operation) to be moved forward, resulting in additional “gained” hopper space. This allows for full utilization of the hopper and increases the amount of volume that can be collected in a single shift (similar to a trash compacter). The 9x was also engineered with dual synthetic dust filters which keep exiting dust below 3 microns and twin shaker motors ensure that filters remain clean. Based on environmental needs, HEPA and MERV filtration are available. When preventative service or maintenance is needed, PowerSwing (engine pivots full 180 degrees) allows for faster service, less downtime and maximum engine accessibility. Common applications for the 9x include: mining, heavy duty manufacturing, parking, outdoor, high dust and severe environments.